New Ring Mill, Sizer Delivered

June 7, 2009
Accudyne Engineering supplies 300/330-ton California style system
Accudyne Engineering & Equipment Co. recently shipped and commissioned several pieces of forging equipment to an unnamed producer, including a 300-ton / 330-ton vertical (“California style”) ring mill and a 1,000-ton ring sizer. Along with its parent company Wilcox Machine Co., Accudyne has been supplying forging operations with standard and custom-engineered machines, tooling, and replacement components since 1954. The new mill was designed to roll rings up to 90-in. in diameter, with a face width of 30 in. It will be processing a range of alloys, including Hastalloy, Waspalloy, and titanium, among others. The ring mill’s design makes it possible for operators to perform “quick changes” of the head bolster plate and king roll assembly, for servicing and installing spares without undertaking a significant disassembly of the system. The accompanying ring sizer has a vertical (“down acting”) configuration, with a horizontal table-type configuration to size rings from I.D. starting at 26-in. diameter to 85-in. (with all tooling segments), on rings up to 20-in. high.