China International Forging Summit 2011 in May

April 8, 2011
Two-day Beijing event to address optimizing forging development strategies

The China International Forging Summit 2011 is a two-day conference taking place in Beijing in late May, and bringing together C-level executives, business development managers, metallurgists, and brand and product experts, to discuss the policies and regulations affecting China's forging industry. The event will give primary attention to China’s recently issued “Equipment Manufacturing Restructuring and Revitalization Plan,” which is focused on heavy casting and forging operations.

The Equipment Manufacturing Restructuring and Revitalization Plan is an industrial development program issued by Chinese officials that aims to increase the volume and quality of critical industrial parts, especially large-scale components for nuclear power equipment.

Topics on the program will include:
• Interpretation of polices and regulations of forging industry in China;
• First-hand information regarding adjustments to taxation policies, and importing major technologies and equipment;
• Understanding China's forging industry through demand and supply analysis;
• Insight into China's existing heavy forging capabilities;
• Demand for forging applications in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, and power generation; and,
• Quality, cost, and time optimization; latest developments in steel production technology, press development, non-destructive testing, and simulation technology.

The event also will present a platform for exploring forging business opportunities and identifying potential partners.

“The Summit will provide participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with China's policies and regulations on the forging industry and to gain a better understanding of China's forging market,” according to Duxes Business Consulting Inc., which is organizing the event.

In addition to nuclear power, forging markets to be discussed include aerospace, electrical-resistance heating, oil-and-gas extraction, power generation, automotive engineering, electronics and telecommunication, petrochemical processing, thermal processing and heat treatment, chemical processing, and marine engineering.

Among the organizations scheduled to present are Southwest Aluminum Co., Alstom Power, and General Electric, among others.

The China International Forging Summit 2011 takes place May 26-27 in Beijing, at the Swisstel, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Center. For full details and information, please visit the event website at