New Press Design for Titanium Forging

Dec. 23, 2008
Siempelkamp project in China to demonstrate new technologies

Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH will build a new forging press for Goldsky Titanium Industry Technology Co., of China’s Hunan province. The new machine will forge rods, square and flat bars, as tool blocks, flanges, washers, and pins in titanium, as well as tool and stainless steels to supply aircraft manufacturers.

Siempelkamp says the 40/45-MN press will operate within a narrow range of material temperatures, creating design challenges. It also indicates that it will optimize the press design and control concept for hydraulic and electrical systems in order to achieve the high forging frequency that the temperatures demand..

“This high forging frequency not only results in shorter processing times but it also applies thermal energy to the workpiece,” according to the press builder. “This, in turn, reduces the temperature drop of the workpiece during forging. As a result the forging can take place in a temperature range that is advantageous for the forming properties.”

In addition to the press, the design will involve two forging manipulators synchronized to the press, which helps to maintain a wide range of products can be manufactured.

Also, Siempelkamp reports it will be installing a new visualization concept for process data. Its PROD-IQ Metal system incorporates collection, interpretation, and evaluation of process data, as well as the preparation for product changeover and machine maintenance.

Goldsky Titanium’s new press is scheduled for delivery next December, with start-up planned for January 2010.