FormTechs New Mechanical Press Nearing Completion

July 12, 2009
Suspended project back on track, will add new capacity
The installation of a new forging press at FormTech Industries L.L.C.’s Fraser, MI, plant is nearly complete, the company reports. The project to install a new 2,500-ton mechanical press was halted in 2008, due to worsening economic conditions. FormTech produces forged steel components for automotive light vehicles and heavy trucks, as well as other industrial products. In 2007, FormTech purchased two identical 2,500-ton mechanical forging presses, but installation was delayed until recently. Construction was restarted in mid-June, and FormTech now estimates the project will be completed by the end of July. “The slow-down in the economy, which really accelerated in 2008, led to a decision to delay the installation of new capacity,” stated FormTech senior vice president for sales and marketing Peter Byrne. “However, it is now important that FormTech proceed with preparations to accommodate the increasing requirements of existing customers and new customers as the market continues to strengthen.” FormTech president Chris Jones said the new equipment expands the plant’s core competency in producing shaft products for parts up to 60 inches long. “Of course, while this equipment can produce forgings for light vehicle applications for the automotive industry, the ability to accommodate forgings of larger dimensions will afford the Fraser Plant the opportunity to compete in commercial-vehicle, military, alternative energy, and other industrial markets,” Jones added.