Somers Forge Ltd.
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Somers Forge Launches Epoxy Coating, Weld Cladding

Nov. 11, 2020
Proprietary coating improves corrosion- and impact-resistance for propulsion shafts and other parts.

Somers Forge Ltd., an English open-die forger and producer of propulsion shafts, is offering a proprietary “Glass Reinforced Coating” after a two-year development and stringent testing program. The GRP epoxy coating called “Somplas” is suitable for marine shafts and for wrapping various parts, including pipes.

It is approved by DNV, ABS, and Lloyds, and offers corrosion protection and impact resistance, and is REACH compliant.

Somers Forge also has expanded its capabilities for weld-cladding propeller shafts with stainless steels and nickel-based alloys. Weld-cladding extends performance life for propeller shafts by improving their resistance to sea-water corrosion. Somers is the first ABS-approved U.K. forger with this capability for shipbuilding applications.

The manufacturer specializes in forging steel components for defense, marine, power-generation, oil-and-gas, and various other market segments, in weights from 1 kg to more than 80 metric tons, and up to 23 meters long. In addition to forging, coating, and weld-cladding, Somers offers heat-treating, machining, and product testing.