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SMS Supplying Machine for 1500-mm Rings

Sept. 16, 2020
New mill will be the "world's largest ring-rolling machine," according to the developer, and produce titanium and nickel-based rings for commercial jet engines.

A Chinese manufacturer of titanium and nickel-based alloy forgings has ordered with SMS group for the "world's largest ring-rolling machine." Wuxi Paike New Materials Technology, in Jiangsu, China, will commission the RAW 1000/800-10000/1500-EH during Q4 2021, SMS reported.

The RAW 1000/800-10000/1500-EH will be the first ring-rolling machine in the world able to roll jet engine rings up to 1,500 mm high, making Wuxi Paike available manufacture rings for newer and emerging jet engine designs. ”SMS group's decades of experience in ring-rolling machine engineering and its significant technological edge over the competition were crucial factors in our decision to award the contract for the ring rolling machine to SMS group,” according to Shi Yufeng, CEO of Wuxi Paike New Materials Technology.

The new machine also will apply a new, SMS-developed electrohydraulic direct drive concept for all process axes. The RAW-EH ring-rolling machine will offer more precise control compared to hydraulic-only drives, with notable energy savings.

Further, the developer noted the time required to assemble and install the machine will be shorter as it does not have a central hydraulic station and requires far less foundation pipework.

The ring rolling machine will have a radial rolling force of 1,000 tons and an axial force of 800 tons. SMS group will supply it fully equipped with electrical equipment, hydraulics, rolling tools, and an innovative software and technology package.

Along with commercial jet-engine rings in titanium and nickel-based alloys, the machine is designed to roll carbon steel rings up to a diameter of ten meters. The multi-purpose configuration will give Wuxi Paike the flexibility to manufacture a wider range of high-end products for current and future market demands.