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Security Solutions for AI/ML

Feb. 21, 2022
AI/ML is increasingly pervasive across all industries driven by a massive wave of digitization. Download this white paper to get an overview of AI/ML workflows, review the security challenges and learn to secure AI/ML data and assets.

AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) is now pervasive in all industries. It contributes to rationalizing a large amount of information made available by the current massive wave of digitization.

Digitization is transforming how business is run and how value is produced using digital technologies.

Data, the raw material of AI/ML and Deep Learning algorithms, is now available in considerable quantities from all aspects of business operations.

The increased connectivity of all the components involved in modern industrial and enterprise-level activities exacerbates this fact. AI/ML’s appeal stems partly from its flexibility, making it suitable for many use cases and industries. AI/ML seems to promise gains in responsiveness and adaptability in an ever-changing technology landscape, and industries are enthusiastically responding to that appeal.

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