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From Silicone to the Smartphone: Intelligent Logistics for the Electronics Industry

Sept. 14, 2021
As the electronics industry shifts towards automation and digitalization, using sensor solutions can reduce manual work done in production logistics and create transparency—reducing the risk of human error.

Production and intralogistics in the electronics industry are currently undergoing significant changes. This is caused primarily by rising cost pressures, the need for greater automation, and increasing product variants and customization. Added to this, there are new requirements arising from digitalization in dynamic markets with ever-shortening development cycles.

This white paper describes the value chain in the electronics industry. The value chain encompasses the manufacturing of semiconductor chips based on silicon wafers and electronic components like connectors and capacitors, their placement on printed circuit boards, and the mounting of subassemblies and electronic devices.

The various affected industry sectors are seeking to achieve more transparency and efficiency in the flow of materials and information. Whether it be by fully linking production lines or with the help of modular manufacturing cells: intelligent sensor solutions allow new logistics concepts or extend existing ones in the electronics industry.

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