DENIOS 10-step emergency leak plan poster
DENIOS 10-step emergency leak plan poster
DENIOS 10-step emergency leak plan poster
DENIOS 10-step emergency leak plan poster
DENIOS 10-step emergency leak plan poster

10-Step Emergency Leak Plan Poster

July 31, 2023
DENIOS' printable poster for facilities guides users through a 10-step action plan for when leaks arise.

DENIOS-US has created an informational poster that outlines 10 steps users should take when a leak is detected, based on ISO 14001. The poster walks users through the process of assessing the danger, stopping, and containing the leak, through clean-up, decontamination, and disposal of all materials. Additional steps include identification of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), marking the incident site, evaluating, documenting the situation, and refilling emergency kits to be prepared for the next incident.

Posters also include space for users to insert emergency contact information: Name/department and telephone number. Posters are free and available by request at https://bit.ly/10-step-leak-plan.

To help users take action when leaks arise as well as to help contain them in the future, DENIOS-US manufactures a full line of proven spill containment products including the DENSORB family of absorbents in rolls, socks, pillows, and pads.

  • DENSORB Universal quickly absorbs oil, coolants, solvents, and water, as well as non-aggressive acids and alkalis.
  • DENSORB Oil absorbs oils, diesel fuel, solvents, and petroleum (hydrocarbon-based liquids) without absorbing water.
  • DENSORB HazMat should be used with acids, alkalis, and aggressive or unidentified liquids.

Regardless of the DESORB product’s use, appropriate PPE should be worn.

DENIOS-US also maintains a document gallery of educational, safety, and environmental content, as well as other articles, for free download.

DENIOS is a manufacturer and supplier of products and services for occupational environmental protection and workplace safety. They manufacture everything from the original spill pallet to highly engineered, fire-rated chemical storage buildings. For more information, visit www.DENIOS-us.com, email [email protected] or call (877) 388-0187.