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Innovation at its Finest: 2019 NED Award Winners

April 15, 2019
The 2019 class of NED Innovation Award winners redefine their markets for a smarter, more efficient manufacturing world.

In many circles, "innovation" has been reduced practically to cliché.

Every new product and every new solution coming out in industrial and commercial markets alike abuse the term, promising disruption and change and, worse still, "disruptive change" wherever they go.

But innovation is something that we still take seriously at NED.

For the past 81 years, New Equipment Digest has been bringing the world information about not just the best equipment from the best suppliers, but also the newest, freshest designed equipment makers have developed to produce ever stronger, smarter, and more efficient tools for the manufacturers who depend on them.

This process is really what is at the heart of NED and exactly what we look for as we curate material for every new issue—it's innovation in its purest, most material form.

The tools, components, and equipment published in NED represent real advancements for the industry. They represent real creativity, real risks, and real R&D power that puts engineering to the test.

In this respect, every issue of NED and every new day's posts on is a celebration of the most innovative products on the market.

But we like to take things even further than that.

Four years ago, we launched the NED innovation Awards—an annual contest that digs through the thousands of innovative new products we published over the course of 12 months to determine those few that best represent the potential in the market. Products that fundamentally change their markets, crush limitations of their product class, and redefine design possibilities. In other words, products that provide real potential for disruptive change.

It's an impossible task, of course. But we are aided in the effort by a vast network of committed workers and experts out in the field who log in every year to rank their picks as not just the best examples of innovation, but those with the most potential for practical implementation of them.

With that, it is now our pleasure to introduce you to the 2019 NED Innovation Awards winners.