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Vote Now for the 2019 NED Innovation Award Finalists

March 12, 2019
Cast your vote to decide the winners of the 4th annual NED Innovation Awards, celebrating game-changing advances in equipment design.

We here at New Equipment Digest are all innovation junkies. We love ideas, we love improvements and changes. We love watching stale processes and products and functions come back to life with fresh ideas, with unexpected acts of creativity that no one has ever considered before. The whole process is just amazing to me.

To a large extent, that is what NED really covers. Not just new equipment and solutions, but innovation in its most physical form. Everything we publish is the embodiment of new ideas, the results of long R&D cycles and the work of countless engineers and testers, and creative brilliance all the way through.

The NED Innovation Awards is our chance to highlight what we think are some of the best examples of this — the most innovative, game-changing products that have graced these pages over the past year. Though, we are not myopic enough to assume that our idea of “best” is necessarily the best. So we need your help.

The NED staff has poured over a year’s worth of content, of roughly 2,000 new products, solutions, tools, and technologies to identify the top 22 releases that fit our game-changing definition. And now it is up for you to decide the real winners.

To do this, we’re asking all of you out there to take a minute and cast your vote for up to 10 products below.

The winners will be announced at Manufacturing & Technology 2019, an IndustryWeek event (Pittsburgh, PA, April 1-3), where NED will be hosting three days of product launches, deep dives, and hands-on demos on the expo floor.

So vote now! We hope to see you in Pittsburgh: