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State of Manufacturing: 2019 Forecast

June 4, 2019
MFGWatch 2019 provides economists, manufacturing and non-manufacturing professionals, and journalists with a snapshot of the North American manufacturing ecosystem

Providing unprecedented insight into the state of manufacturing today, the 2019 MFGWatch Manufacturing Report collects responses from the most recent MFGWatch survey sent to both sourcing professionals and custom manufacturers who have used the Global Custom Manufacturing Marketplace to expand their supply chain and win jobs online.

The report highlights trends and key issues that emerged in 2018 and forecasts challenges facing the manufacturing industry in 2019. The questions included in the survey, as well as a detailed analysis of the responses received, are provided in the report. Any comparisons are in reference to our most recent 2016 MFGWatch report. Over 300 companies participated in the survey.

Download the report here.