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Trump Touts Manufacturing's Comeback in First Address

President Trump had a lot of positive things to say about American manufacturing in his State of the Union address. Here's what they were, and why (at least in this case) his bragging is justified.

"It's all coming back," President Donald Trump proudly proclaimed about American manufacturing last night during his first State of the Union.

Coming from a president often accused of going negative, the narrative throughout the annual speech to the nation had an overwhelmingly positive vibe. And in this success story, manufacturing played a key role.

Aside from the polarizing issue of immigration, the domestic portion of the 80-minute speech focused on a booming economy driven by people making–and promising to make—great things back in America. Regardless of political leanings, the litany of victories should have every American, especially those in this industry, feeling a little better today: Millions of new jobs, a vibrant stock market, miniscule unemployment rate, slashed tax rate, and reshored companies investing in factories on U.S. soil.  

Here's a list of the biggest manufacturing moments from the State of the Union:

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