Hangin’ Tough: Six New Heavy Equipment Fastening Trends

April 11, 2019
You probably know the nuts and bolts of what fastening power tools do, but it’s their new features that can have a huge impact on your toughest applications.

Heavy equipment manufacturing has become more and more high-tech. Today, heavy equipment manufacturers need traceable, reliable, and accurate tools to adhere to strict quality and safety standards. Customers must meet these standards to ensure that the products they use are safe for the operators using the equipment.

Manufacturers can choose from many different tools for heavy equipment assembly and maintenance, ranging from basic tightening tools to advanced fastening systems. No matter how bolts are tightened, one thing remains the same: safety is paramount. Bolts must be tightened to torque every time to ensure bolt integrity and to prevent injuries to manufacturers and end-users. 

Here’s a look at six things to keep in mind when selecting your industrial fastening tools.