Channel Your Inner Child With These 12 Trucks

Sept. 26, 2018
Childlike wonder is a precious thing, but almost completely lost to us in the adult world with our growing responsibilities and monotonous routines of doing the same work day in, day out. Take a break from the routine to check out the latest trucks that might just bring back a little bit of wonder to your day.

Remember playtime as a kid? Completely immersing yourself in your imagination for hours on end was a daily occurrence that was usually interrupted by calls to put the toys down and wash up for dinner. Now it seems that the only thing we're immersing ourselves in is our work, and the calls of interruption aren't for dinner, they're for deadlines. But all is not lost as the manufacturing world is constantly updating, revamping, and inventing new tools and equipment to make your days a little less tedious and a little more engaging - and not to mention more productive. 

Ranging from fork lifts and AGVs to dozers and drills, these twelve trucks offer the latest in operator comfort, speeds, handling, and customization so you can immerse yourself into your work not only with deadlines in mind, but fun as well.

For more information on any of the products listed, check out the NED directory.