IoT and Sustainability

Sept. 20, 2022
Across every industry and vertical, from manufacturing to supply chains and transportation, IoT is being used in innovative ways to capture new efficiencies, generate savings, and create a more sustainable world.

IoT is one of a group of technologies that are enabling new positive impacts on sustainability. Alongside artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and edge computing, and advances in data processing and analytics, IoT is enabling sensors to communicate to help optimize processes, operations, and consumption of materials.

By enabling organizations to align production with demand, waste is minimized and energy usage can be more tightly controlled. Using IoT and machines, lighting systems can be shutdown when not required. Enterprises are turning to IoT solutions to reduce their impact on the environment as well as in adding new capabilities to existing, less sustainable processes.

There are many good examples of this. View the slideshow above to explore some of these examples.

Read Telenor's full white paper here.