Robotics Unicorns: Keep an Eye on These Startups

Sept. 14, 2021
Take a look at a few of the robotic startups that have the potential to become huge in the manufacturing industry in the coming years.

A recent report from GlobalData, ‘Future Robotics Unicorns - 09 September 2021’, reveals 50 robotic startups that could be the next unicorns (valuation > US$1bn) in the robotics industry. The companies span a range across healthcare, customer service, safety & security, education & entertainment, automation, transportation, infrastructure, and manufacturing.

GlobalData’s Startup Scorecard ranks 10,000 top startups; 126 Robotics startups globally are shortlisted, of which 50 Robotics startups are predicted to become future unicorns based on GlobalData’s proprietary Machine Learning Model.

While there are many innovative companies in the above chart that you should look into, we gathered some of the top companies in the manufacturing industry so you can keep an eye on them for future operations. Take a look!


Boston Dynamics
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