Manufacturers Slowing Investment in Carbon

Uncertainly about regulations have caused a 44% reduction in programs.

While more companies than ever are now disclosing the results of their emissions reduction programs, investment in these programs is actually going down.

One of the reasons for this backtracking, according to new research from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and global consulting firm Accenture, is that average monetary savings from emissions reductions efforts have fallen 44% in the past year. Another reason is that 90% of the companies surveyed say that regulatory uncertainty is making them skittish about investing in sustainability programs. As a result, projects tend to be more short-term in focus.

“When governments introduce a more realistic global price on carbon, we expect significantly more investment in emissions reductions from corporates," points out Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP.

Read how this affects the supply chain in IndustryWeek.

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