Counterfeiting is $12 Billion Problem for Automotive Market

According to the American Trucking Association counterfeiting is costing the automotive industry $12 billioin per year.

According to the American Trucking Association, counterfeiting is costing the automotive industry $12 billion per year.

However, the cost factor is the least of the problems, especially for the trucking industry, states Jane Clark, vice president of member services for National Lease, a truck leasing organization. “These fakes are made to look the same as an OEM or legitimately re-engineered aftermarket component, but don’t necessarily perform the same,” she writes in a recent blog.

“They are often constructed of substandard materials that easily succumb to shear and other weather and road related issues. According to the TMC, a single counterfeit brake valve can decrease the overall performance of a truck’s brake system. In India, it is estimated that up to 20% of all road accidents are due to counterfeit parts. In Saudi Arabia, the estimate is that 50% of all traffic accident deaths are due to these fake parts.”

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