Continued Manufacturing Growth Dependent Upon Secure Supply


As manufacturers reshore, America is on its way to gaining back millions of jobs lost in the decade leading up to the global economic recession. However, to ensure continued growth, our government must address the concerns of U.S. manufacturers.

The U.S. manufacturing renaissance has been aided by the supply of affordable domestic energy. Access to abundant energy resources boosted U.S. manufacturing’s global competitiveness, making it economically attractive to reshore operations.

Another essential element for industries that gets far less attention is the minerals and metals used in many manufactured goods. Just as we need secure and affordable power to keep U.S. manufacturers competitive, we also need a reliable and secure supply chain for minerals and metals.

A recent survey of manufacturing executives, commissioned by the National Mining Association (NMA), reveals that U.S. manufacturers are seriously concerned about how the supply of minerals and metals can impact the success of their businesses.

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