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From Basics to Benefits: Everything to Know About Portable Truck Scales

Dec. 13, 2019
From shipping and construction to farming and transportation, truck scales play a pivotal part in a wide variety of businesses.

Portable Truck Scale Applications 

From shipping and construction to farming and transportation, truck scales play a pivotal part in a wide variety of businesses. Industry-specific needs have led to the designing of feature-rich truck scales that can also be used on undulated terrains and unstable surfaces. Not to mention, these scales also ensure strict adherence to applicable laws and safety precautions. Built tough, these portable scales are not only easy to transport and quick to install but also accurate and cost-effective. Investing in portable truck scales is a smart strategy that helps companies stay compliant, and safe while avoiding hefty overloading fines and ensuring reliable measurements every single time.  

The Working of Truck Scales

Portable truck scales feature a low profile surface over which a truck is driven to precisely calculate the weight of the load. A load cell is fitted at the core of its surface to facilitate the weighing of the truckload and the transfer of data to a remote terminal. The load cell remains protected by a robust casing to ensure that the truck scale works at optimal efficiency for a long time. Ramps are placed on both sides of the load cell surface to facilitate secure entry and exit. If you are using a portable truck scale, you need to measure each axle of the truck individually. To arrive at the net weight of the truckload, you need to add the measurements of all the axles and minus the weight of the empty vehicle. 

Types of Portable Scales

While the main benefit of any portable scale is its flexibility, these scales are available in different lengths for weighing different vehicles and can be categorized as portable axle scales and portable wheel weighers. Both these scales have similar features but if you are a transporter who is looking for an easy weighing solution with a low profile design that can be operated even in harsh weather conditions, portable wheel weigher offers a perfect solution as it can easily operate in remote areas and runs on battery. 

Benefits of Weighing Scales

Designed for accurate weighing of vehicles with a single axle as well as multiple axles, portable truck scales typically include the following features:

  • They are easy to assemble and have a user-friendly mechanism that does not need any special training for operation.
  • Portable truck scales are durable, resilient, and easy to transport even in rugged environments.
  • Advanced portable scales are fitted with a reliable and efficient overload protection system.
  • Designed for heavy-duty operations, truck scales deliver accurate results even with heavy weight.
  • Due to a compact design and convenient size, portable scales do not take up a lot of your storage space.
  • Portable scales come with optional ramps and this makes them an ideal solution for accurate weighing even on uneven surfaces.    
  • Certain makes of weigh-in-motion portable scales allow trucks to be driven at the speed of 3 MPH and still take measurements accurately and efficiently.

Why is Calibration Important for Ensuring That Your Truck Scale is Performing at Peak Efficiency

Calibration is essential to make sure that your truck scale is delivering accurate and reliable results consistently because any unit of measurement that affects decision-making in any industry has to have an extremely high level of precision. A truck scale that is off by even a minor margin can cost your business thousands of dollars over the period of time, especially if your business involves frequent product shipments that weigh thousands of pounds. Truck scale calibration is also important to ensure compliance with state and federal rules and regulations. Professional calibration technicians can help you get your portable trucks scales calibrated accurately in no time so you can continue to collect weight data with enhanced accuracy. 

How to Find High-Quality Portable Truck Scales 

If you are looking for reliable, durable, robust, and affordable truck scales, you can start by looking for reviews and ratings online or ask for recommendations from industry partners. Search online for authorized dealers who can deliver truck scales to your doorstep. When you are making your purchase decision, don’t forget to ask the vendor for a no-obligation quote on truck scale servicing and maintenance. Certain vendors also offer a customized software solution that enables you to generate accurate reports and share data anytime, anywhere.