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What Do Millennials Value in a Workplace?

April 14, 2017
For millennials, researchers are finding that a sufficient work-life balance isn’t the only thing they consider while searching for employment.

Millennials switch jobs an average of four times within the first decade out of college, according to social media platform LinkedIn.

While previous research has determined that work-life balance is at the top of what a millennial values, a new study from Fit Small Business indicates the other benefits that are important to them.

"When you're taking on a new hire, you are pitching your company to them as much as the candidate is pitching themselves to you,” says Christy Hopkins, human resources consultant at Fit Small Business. “This research lends itself to companies who are taking on millennials helping them to gain a greater understanding of what is the best way to get them on board.”

The study asked more than 600 Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 questions as “Which benefits are important to you,” and “What characteristics of your boss would make you consider changing your job,” to help determine how millennials prioritize workplace perks.

According to Fit Small Business, the results showed many of the preconceptions are not accurate.

For instance, millennials who participated were not interested in equity stakes in their company. About 34% of them selected healthcare as their top priority.

In addition, they were willing to travel for the perfect job. About 43% of participants answered that a longer commute was no issue for them.

Lastly, millennials take criticism better than other demographics, with only 17.6% indicating that a “mean boss” would make them consider searching for a new job. In contrast, 19.3% of those 35 and older said they would quit their job because of poor management, according to the survey results.

This article originally appeared on EHS