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Toyota's 'Car of the Future' to Get 300 Miles per Fueling

Jan. 8, 2014
The hydrogen vehicle will be a 'zero-emission, electric-drive, mid-size, four-door sedan.'

2015 will be a big year for Toyota as it plans to bring to market a hydrogen car that is designed to travel 300 miles on a single fueling.

Of course a big hurdle to overcome to accommodate this type of vehicle is the availability of hydrogen refueling stations. So the company will initially sell the cars in California where 10 stations already exist.  By 2015 the state will add 20 new stations according to Bob Carter, Toyota Sales vice president.

Carter said the goal is to have about 100 in the state with stations within six-minute drive of an owner's home or business.

The vehicle, yet to be named, would be a "zero-emission, electric-drive, mid-size, four-door sedan," Carter said at the CES show currently underway in Las Vegas.

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