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Automakers Listen Up - Consumers Want Car to be Like Home

Jan. 9, 2014
40% of consumers want to be digitally connected while in car.

It seems the business of driving is not all that is required by consumers when get in their cars.

In a survey released by IDC Manufacturing Insights today,designed to assess the current situation with connected vehicle technology adoption, the group found that almost 50% of consumers consider it vital to have access to a phone in the vehicle and about 40% consider it vital to access apps such as navigation and music while in the vehicle.

Preferences vary by age. While only 25% of all consumers consider it vital to utilize the phone for business when in the vehicle, almost half of the baby boomer population (consumers between the ages of 45 and 65) consider it vital to access the phone in the vehicle for both business and applications.

Additional study findings include:

  • 75% of respondents prefer to access in-vehicle services through their existing mobile device, maintaining their "digital identity."
  • The majority of consumers (two-thirds) would prefer their existing mobile service provider for emergency and other in-vehicle services, if given a choice.
  • 35% of consumers believe connected and emergency services should be included free with the vehicle, but 50% of consumers find $24-$60 per year a reasonable price range to pay for the services.