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Apple Shareholders Talk Tesla Bid

Tim Cook fielded questions from a couple of shareholders who would like to see the company buy Tesla. They didn't get much of an answer.

Apple CEO Tim Cook heard from a pair of shareholders during a meeting this week, who thought the company should investigate a potential purchase of electric carmaker Tesla.

Cook brushed off the first question, commenting he'd like to see Tesla install the new Apple product, CarPlay in its vehicles. And then searched out loud for a way to give another non-answer to a follow-up question.

It's no secret Apple is taking the first steps at entering the EV market. The two companies even met last year, although neither side is discussing what was talked about.

Apple certainly has the money, and then some, to buy Tesla which is estimated to be worth about $24 billion.

More about Apple shareholders recommending the company buy Tesla on IndustryWeek.

IndustryWeek is an NED companion site within Penton’s Manufacturing & Supply Chain Group.


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