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13 Father's Day Gift Ideas (Better Than a Tie)

The tools and tech here should give you some fun and functional gift ideas for Father's Day (June 18), so dear old dad doesn't have to add another lame tie to his collection.

Maybe he taught you the value of making things, what the infield fly rule in baseball means, or how to be the very best person you can be. Maybe he's your biological father, stepfather, or the guy who stepped up when you needed someone. Whoever this person is, he deserves a little effort and thought on your part once a year. Here are some tools, toys, and curios we researched for you. Make this Father's Day the first time you don't disappoint him. Just kidding. He probably loves you despite your many failings. And if not, screw him. Get something here for yourself.

And if you have any awesome ideas, put them in the comments below or email [email protected] and we'll add them to the list!

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