Bin Lift 2.0

March 26, 2022
A second-generation lift, the Bin Lift 2.0 from AutoStore comes with significant mechanical improvements.

Extending the reachability of AutoStore bins in multi-level warehouses, the Bin Lift 2.0 has mechanical improvements such as upgraded rollers, tracks, electronics, and a new motor. It can enable a flexible and optimized warehouse layout with the extended bin reachability. The vertical lift better assists AutoStore bins with significant noise reduction, improving the user experience.


It can be applied in two configurations: Grid-to-Port (G2P) and Grid-to-Grid (G2G).


G2P works with the AutoStore SwingPort to provide an extension to the AutoStore Grid. G2G connects two AutoStore Grids on different floors.

  • The Bin Lift 2.0 has been completely redesigned and comes with significant mechanical improvements. New and improved rollers, tracks, motors, and electronics are much stronger and more stable.
  • Advanced electrical and machine safety.
  • Noise levels for the operator at the Port have been greatly reduced compared to the Bin Lift 1.1 – from 70 to 60dBA.