Treaded Waterproof Robot

Oct. 12, 2021
Nicknamed “Tready,” the Treaded Waterproof Robot from HEBI Robotics is an extremely versatile and agile mobile base.

Nicknamed “Tready,” the Treaded Waterproof Robot is a kit which allows for joint-level control and excellent maneuverability.


Tready is an extremely versatile and agile mobile base capable of navigating difficult and uneven terrain, climbing stairs, and accessing confined spaces. The robot employs actuated treaded “flippers” to maneuver in tight spaces and overcome obstacles that are very difficult for conventional robots to manage.


Both the individual actuators and the chassis are designed for IP67 for use in water and damp conditions. The onboard Intel NUC minicomputer can be preprogrammed, or the robot can be wirelessly controlled via Wi-Fi utilizing an iOS/Android app. It can also be equipped with peripheral devices such as cameras or robotic arms and can be re-configured for tethered use as well.


Tready was originally developed as a tool for inspection of difficult landscapes, specifically landslides. Combined with other HEBI robot kits, such as arms grippers and cameras, it has a wide range of potential applications. Elimination of manned entry to confined spaces is a huge initiative for many industries including oil and gas, nuclear power generation, chemical production, and many more.

Each Tready kit includes:

  • Fully assembled tracked robot
  • Field chassis with on-board WiFi
  • Hot-swappable batteries
  • All connectors and wiring