TMS-C1500 Cart Solution

Oct. 18, 2021
ROEQ's TMS-C1500 Cart Solution eliminates the need for a docking station.

Capable of handling total payloads of up to 3307 lb (1500 kg), the top module TMS-C1500 cart solution combined with the S-Cart1500W shelf cart greatly increases the payload capabilities of MiR’s MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000, and MiR1350 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).


Using the top module, a MiR1000 or MiR1350 AMR can be deployed on applications with heavier payloads than ever before. Similarly, it allows a MiR500 or MiR600 AMR to be deployed on applications with payloads of up to 1763 lb (800 kg), a massive increase on the payload supported by other MRE systems for the two AMRs.


Eliminating the need for a docking station, the module can pick up and drop off the shelf cart in free space and with precision, ensuring that the AMR is never left idling as it can simply drop off the cart and immediately go and pick a new one up.


The TMS-C1500 plus S-Cart1500W enables the AMR to handle many different sizes and types of payloads, and with a cargo area larger than a US pallet, the cart has increased tilt stability with wheels placed further apart, enabling safe deployments.

  • Payload of TMS-C1500 with S-Cart1500W:
    • MiR500/600: up to 1763 lb (800 kg)
    • MiR1000/MiR1350: up to 3307 lb (1500 kg)
  • Size (L x W x H):
    • 51.3 x 34 x 3.6 in. (1304 x 864 x 91 mm)
  • Weight:
    • TMS-C1500 (MiR500/600) 245 lb (111 kg)
    • TMS-C1500 (MiR1000/1350) 730 lb (331 kg)