GWE 5117 Series of Elastomer Jaw Servo-Couplings

Sept. 23, 2021
RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION's GWE 5117 Series of Elastomer Jaw Servo-Couplings is designed for hollow shaft connections.

The GWE 5117 Series of Elastomer Jaw Servo-Couplings features a new hub design. With its partially slit hub located directly under the jaws and two screw clamps, this model eliminates radial loads on the shaft and achieves uniform power transmission. This hub design also prevents premature wear and system failure.


Designed for hollow shaft connections, the GWE 5117 servo-coupling is equipped with an expanding mandrel for friction-locked torque transmission. It features a spider element that is available in solid standard form, minimizing movement and achieving longer life, or drilled through the center.


For convenience, the coupling comes with a slightly shorter design for compact use cases. It also provides easy accessibility with its interactive hub QR code that links to instructions.

  • 5 different sizes
  • Bore Diameter d: 0.157 to 1.378 in. (4 to 35 mm) 
  • Outer Diameter D: 0.966 to 2.539 in. (24.5 to 64.5 mm)
  • Overall Length L: 1.654 to 3.228 in. (42 to 82 mm)