Carbide Drill for Aluminum Applications

Sept. 3, 2021

Solid carbide drills designed for machining aluminum castings are proven to achieve 1.5 to 4 times the tool life of competitive offerings in automotive prismatic applications, such as valve bodies, housing, and transmission cases, to name a few. Based upon specially selected material grades and point geometries developed by the Star Cutter engineering team, the drills are optimized for each specific application.


Available in diameter sizes starting at 4 mm, these Star Cutter drills are manufactured from a selection of more wear-resistant carbide grades than typically used in these applications, resulting in longer tool life. Additionally, special bolt-hole circles and coolant hole sizes assist in eliminating OD aluminum build-up and aid in flushing chips away from the workpiece. The drills are available with various advanced coatings, and/or highly polished carbide to eliminate build-up and reduce overall tool wear.


The standard point geometry has been established based upon the part entry conditions and is modified as needed based upon the condition of the casting. The company requests a casting print and tooling layout for each drill order.