SSD Destroyer Compact Shredder

Sept. 3, 2021


Intimus announces a compact granulator for the destruction of solid-state devices, optical media, and small magnetic media.  Because digital media storage technology is ever-changing, the granulator has been designed to be adaptable to future destruction requirements.



Total destruction of data storage media is achieved by two industrial solid steel cutting heads that rotate in opposition to one another to rip and tear items into tiny shreds until they are small enough to pass through a user-selectable waste sizing screen. Screens can be changed quickly and easily depending on the level of destruction/security required. Final particle sizes as small as 2mm x 2mm can be achieved when a 3mm sized screen is used. This small particle translates to DIN levels E-5, F-4, O-6, T-7.


Destruction feed rates vary based on size and type of items and waste sizing screen used. However, throughputs of about 60-600 standard SSD drives per hour and 200-2000 USB sticks per hour are typical.  Automatic overload protection with auto-reverse protects the cutting head and motor from damage due to overfeeding.


All items are fed into the destruction chamber via a mailbox-style safety chute.  All operational controls are conveniently mounted on the front of the granulator and include Start, Stop, and Emergency Stop buttons.  A digital hour meter is also included.


A generous 23-gallon collection bin is mounted on casters for easy removal and replacement.  It is monitored by an ultrasonic sensor to prevent overfilling. The unit is small enough to fit through standard office doors and is mounted on casters for easy relocation if necessary.