4SIGHT Connect Data

April 2, 2021
4SIGHT Connect Data seamlessly integrates and improves the accuracy of data generated from a variety of loading dock event data points.

Warehouse and DC dock operations (enterprise and non-enterprise alike) can now rely on 4SIGHT Connect Data to seamlessly integrate and improve the accuracy of a wealth of data generated from a variety of loading dock event data points into their process flow using industry-standard methods and practices.


With 4SIGHT Connect Data, end users can:

  • Integrate dock operations into different systems.
  • Gain more accurate operational insight and the ability to tailor data to fit individual needs.
  • Leverage existing technologies for required connectivity to either a Kelley or Serco Digital Master Control Panel (which serves as the dock data collection point for equipment status and operation).
  • Create custom reports and dashboards, along with KPIs and metrics.

Using 4SIGHT Connect Data, event-based dock operation data points—such as trailer presence status at a specific dock door or the status of a dock door itself — are sent to the end-user within mere seconds in real-time via MQTT broker (combination publish-subscribe network protocol and server). 4SIGHT Connect Data then delivers the actual data as a JSON payload for each defined event. Dock operation end users also have the option to manually collect dock data via RESTful API calls.


For 4SIGHT Connect Data end-users to fully maximize the product’s full potential, it is recommended that they at least have trailer presence sensors in use at all dock positions. To further use 4SIGHT Connect Data’s capabilities, trailer restraints are recommended as well.


The various event data entry points on which 4SIGHT Connect Data can provide valuable information include:

  • Override Request*
  • Cancel Override Status*
  • Restraint Engaged Status*
  • Total Door Cycles
  • Trailer Presence Status**
  • Override Status*
  • Diagnostic Code
  • Gateway Status
  • Door Open Status
  • Leveler Stored Status
  • Total Restraint Cycles*
  • Total Override Count*
  • Door Closed Status
  • Post Release Trailer Presence Sensor Status**
  • Total Leveler Cycles  

(those event data entry points marked with a single * require a trailer restraint and those marked with a double ** require a trailer presence sensor)