Quick Setup Tabletop Enclosures

Feb. 26, 2021
Saelig introduces a high attenuation frameless enclosure that offers excellent EMI isolation on the benchtop.

The SFI High Attenuation Frameless Enclosures guarantees more than -100dB RF/EMI attenuation in a quick-setup tabletop enclosure. The frameless design allows a smaller footprint, easier storage, and guarantees high attenuation. These lightweight fabric enclosures are also quick and easy to break down and store.


SFI Frameless Enclosures are made with a double layer of Nova Select, a tightly woven silver, copper, and nickel-plated material which offers excellent levels of attenuation. These enclosures hold their shape without any metal frame by using a flexible, flat, 2-in. foam skeleton of microwave absorbers while also reducing internal reflections for more accurate readings.


These portable benchtop RF Test Enclosures feature a patented double magnet door closure to achieve the highest shielding effectiveness throughout the life of the enclosure. This unique design withstands over 5,000 opening/closings without a noticeable reduction in shielding effectiveness—significantly longer than ordinary latch-and-gasket doors.


A customizable selection of I/O filter plates and connectors, shielded ventilation systems, and other upgrade options are available to suit individual needs and applications, including pre-compliance testing, signal isolation, secure communications, forensic, and security applications.


Frameless RF test boxes are an ideal solution for shielding and isolating RF and EMI in design and development labs or test stations.

  • External Dimensions: 26 x  26 x 26 in.
  • Internal Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 24 in.