High Performance Solid Carbide Drill for Steel

Feb. 26, 2021
Kennametal's solid carbide drill quickly punches holes up to 8 x D in any ISO-P steel material, providing up to twice the tool life compared to competitors.

The HPX Solid Carbide Drill for steel applications quickly and efficiently punches holes up to 8 x D in any ISO-P steel material, providing up to twice the tool life and three times the productivity compared to competing products, even in dry or minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) applications.


What makes the HPX drill the superior choice for steel applications? The difference is in the design. Steels are used for a wide variety of automotive, commercial, and industrial applications, often in production volumes where maximum tool life and throughput are critical. Yet steel creates a high degree of mechanical loading during drilling operations resulting in forces that lead to rapid tool wear and chipping of the tool's more vulnerable corners. Kennametal has eliminated this failure point by applying a small corner chamfer and straightening the HPX drill's cutting edges. Together with the rounded margin lands running down the length of the flutes, this serves to stabilize the drill while reducing friction.


Built-up edge is another common problem when drilling alloy steels. The HPX drill's straight cutting edge helps eliminate some of this, but the real clincher is the drill's optimized edge preparation. This gentle hone further reduces the friction that leads to built-up edge, as do the tool's highly polished flutes. Couple that with a carbide grade designed specifically for steel—KCP15B—and a proprietary multilayer AlTiN coating, and the HPX drill sets a new standard for tool life in high-volume ISO-P drilling.


Special gashing on the HPX drill improves the chip formation and curls a smaller chip. The material-specific HPX point geometry creates significantly lower cutting forces, which works great for machines with lower spindle capabilities, unstable cutting conditions, or unstable workpiece clamping. A continuous cross-section makes the HPX drill more resistant against tool breakage, and the ultrahigh polished chip flutes ensure superior chip evacuation.


Manufacturers wishing to turn off their high-pressure coolant pumps in favor of dry cutting or MQL systems, efficient chip evacuation along with low-friction cutting is a must, and the HPX drill delivers on both counts. In fact, the drill comes with a leakproof MQL interface that meets DIN 6535 and 69090-03 standards.

  • Patented HPX point provides excellent self-centering capabilities, reduces thrust, and enables precise center chip formation.
  • Up to 3 times higher cutting parameters, saving machining time and freeing up capacity.
  • Reduce friction, improve chip evacuation, and increase tool life.
  • Reduces vibrations and reduces cutting-edge chipping. 
  • 140-deg. point angle for ideal cutting conditions. Perfect for pilot drilling of deep holes.
  • 2 margin lands for stability and less friction.
  • Straight cutting edge: Reduces build-up and chipping on cutting edge and margin land.
  • Standard MQL backend
  • Up to 8xD drilling
  • Corner Chamfer: Build-in cutting edge corner protection, reduces chipping, and extends tool life.