EasyHeat Sno*Melter Heated Walkway Mats

Oct. 27, 2020

EasyHeat Sno*Melter mats are simple to install, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. Combined with the intelligence of EasyHeat snow melting controls, the dual-conductor mats offer safe, reliable snow melting throughout the winter months for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and stairs.


EasyHeat Sno*Melter mats eliminate the time and expense required to shovel, plow or snow-blow, or to spread environmentally harmful chemicals. Instead of shoving and chipping ice in the windy, freezing outdoors, homeowners can stay inside, safe and warm. Snow shoveling itself is dangerous. Each year, snow shoveling leads to approximately 100 deaths from cardiac-related injuries and 11,500 medical emergencies that require treatment in an emergency department, reports US Nationwide Children's Hospital.


EasyHeat Sno*Melter mats are installed about 2-in. below the surface of asphalt, under pavers or in concrete, and connect up to standard 240V. With the use of EasyHeat snow melting controllers, multiple mat and zone systems can be designed. In most cases, snow will melt at a rate that keeps up with average snowfall, minimizing the accumulation of snow on the heated surface. Mats are available in sizes that cover from 7.5 to 90 square feet using a single mat. Depending on the voltage available and configuration, mats can easily be combined and tailored to cover a unique walk, stair, patio, and driveway configuration.

  • Automatic Snow Melting. For Commercial and Residential Applications
  • Standard snow mats are available in 18 to 36 in. (0.46 to 0.91 m) widths. They are engineered to provide 50 W/ft2 in voltages 208, 240, 277, 480V AC. Standard mats are supplied with 20 ft (6 m) cold leads as standard, longer lead lengths are optional
  • Custom snow mats are available in outputs up to 72 W/ft2 in voltages up to 600V AC. They are supplied with standard 6 m (20 ft) cold leads with longer lengths available.
  • Step snow mats come standard in 2 or 3-step models. They are available in 3 or 6 ft (0.91 or 1.83 m) tread width with 8 in. (0.20 m) risers. Step mats are engineered to provide 50 W/ft2 and are supplied with 20 ft (6 m) cold leads. Custom step mats are available for nonstandard power densities up to 72 W/ft2, voltage, cold lead lengths, and size needs
  • All have a one year limited warranty