Roly Total Control Access Safety Gate

Oct. 13, 2022
Mezzanine Safeti-Gates' Roly Total Control Access Safety Gate prevents one gate from opening until the opposite gate is closed.

A dual-gate safety system, the Roly Total Control Access (TCA) safety gate ensures elevated ledges and pallet drop areas are always protected and provides employees with failsafe fall protection in any material handling environment. The TCA design ensures that at least one gate is fully closed at all times, even as the opposite gate moves into position.


If one gate is open, the opposite gate stays fully closed and is prevented from opening until the other is fully into the closed position. TCA gate operations are automatic and solely done through the technology within the system, so employees no longer are required to operate or touch the devices.


Unlike other Roly safety gate models that use a chain system to connect the gates, the TCA design uses a proprietary connection and technology system that includes photo eyes and tension monitors that can detect and correct potential issues in the system, as well as products or debris on the floor that would block the gate from closing. If a gate were to get stuck or an error occurs, the system prevents the gate from dropping quickly and can automatically stop the gate movement. The TCA gate can include sensors to integrate it into the WMS and to communicate with AGVs or other robots used in the facility.