Keep Coolant Clean in Large Batch Production

Nov. 13, 2020

The KFA 1500 is a highly efficient, low-maintenance ultra-fine filtration system for grinding carbide and HSS materials with a filtration capacity of 1,500 l/min. (397 Gal./Min.). The KFA 1500 keeps the cleaned coolant in the system for extremely long periods and does so in an energy-efficient manner, even with handling large tool batches. The tank system consists of the dirty oil inlet tank, the clean oil tank, and the disposal unit. The tank volume is 10,000 liters (2,645 Gal.).


Modern, low-maintenance, and user-friendly technology ensures energy-efficient full-flow filtration, in which clean and dirty oil are separated 100%. Modern, high-performance pre-coat filters filter to NAS 7 for a very long time. This corresponds to 3 to 5 µm.


The cooling performance of the cold–water cooling system operates at 200 kW with a constant oil temperature of 24° in continuous operation. The temperature accuracy is within a tolerance range of up to +/- 0.2 K. This means that the grinding oils used have long life cycles.


Due to the use of pre-coat filters, there is no contamination of the swarf by any filter aids. The residual moisture of the metal chips is between 5 and 10%, and the recyclable material is disposed of directly into a suitable transport container provided by the recycling company.


Thanks to the PLC control and software technology, remote maintenance of the KFA 1500 is also possible without any problems. A wide range of optional features makes the VOMAT KFA 1500 filtration system extremely flexible. The VOMAT KFA 1500 can be adapted to a wide variety of work conditions and can be easily integrated into any workflow due to available optional equipment.