The Quest Quik Pick QP200 is a robotic top load case packer or pick and place solution optimized for products in flexible packaging. The Quik Pick uses the Fanuc vision system to identify, locate, and track incoming products on the conveyor eliminating the need for complex infeed systems and minimizes changeover downtime. Initially developed for customers needing an automation solution for products in delicate flexible packaging and a compact footprint, the Quik Pick can be designed to handle even the most challenging products.


Quest Industrial has engineered the QP200 solution to incorporate the QPick dynamic case packing software, IQ Lighting, and Behavior Operator Track System (BOTS) to enable operators to easily interact with the machine as well as identify ways to improve their interactions.

  • QPick - Dynamic Case Packing software, designed for users to create Pack Patterns for current and future products
  • Servo side drives to auto-adjust for the average of 5 cases (to help with corrugate irregularities) – positive pressure for the case so that there is not misplacement
  • Low/High Voltage Cabinets – High and low voltage is split into separate cabinets. The split allows for access to low voltage cabinet without the need for high voltage precautions including arc flash training, gear and personnel
  • BOTS - Behavioral Operator Tracking System. This system is designed to track the overall performance of the operator, tracking their interaction and use of the cell. This can be used to identify areas of improvement for the operator through training or areas of improvement for the operators interfacing
  • The Fanuc vision system will identify, locate, and track incoming products on the product conveyor
  • Capable of loading both display-ready and flat-pack cases with the same cell and limited changeover
  • IQ Lighting - Our IQ Lighting system has been a proven intelligent feedback system for informing the operator of the true status of just not the system but what with in a cell is needing attention or what status it is in. Our multicolor LED feedback system has lights dedicated per robot and also one for the indication of conveyors and product. These lights are mounted above the corresponding piece of equipment and will highlight that equipment with the appropriate status color. Depending on what light color is on and highlighting the equipment tells the operator instantly by this visual cue, the status of each area