FoldSerter Color for Packaging Documents

July 22, 2023
StreamTech's document inserter for packaging lines allows personalized, full-color graphics for any letter-sized packing slips.

The document automation system, FoldSerter Color, adds full-color printing capabilities for automating pack slips. Users can automatically add personalized, graphic-rich documents with full-color logos and images to their orders. 


Throughput ranges between 12 to 17 CPM with single-sided documents at 300 dpi color. The system can incorporate card stock, an optional C or Z fold, and scan verification and parity checking against each order. It can be integrated with friction feeders, thermal printers, and print-apply automation to deliver a mix of customized content tied uniquely to the customer order as a part of an integrated automated pack-and-ship fulfillment operation.

  • 12 to 17 cartons/min, 300 dpi color
  • Up to 15 to 20 cartons/min B/W
  • C or Z fold, or no fold at all
  • Full letter page documents
  • Each page can be 100% verified and parity checked to order
  • Verification can be skipped if not desired
  • Can process PDFs, image files, and documents
  • Duplex mode available (throughput is affected)


  • Customer-supplied gift messaging
  • Membership and rewards updates
  • Assembly or installation instructions
  • Cross-promotional marketing
  • Food prep, serving, storage or cooking instructions
  • Nutritional information, ingredient list