i-ALERT Automated Machine Diagnostics

Sept. 23, 2020

i-ALERT has added a best-in-class automated machine health diagnostics offering to its portfolio. Further elevating i-ALERT’s customer support with immediate notification in the event of machine faults, the offering includes information about the severity of the fault and recommendations to resolve it with the accuracy of a skilled analyst.


Customers can securely and instantly understand machine conditions and see recommended actions from anywhere in the world on their mobile device or computer, ultimately reducing the downtime and extending the life of their machines.


The i-ALERT diagnostics work by analyzing vibration signatures produced by the machine as it operates. Fault detection occurs through proprietary algorithms developed by our AI-based asset health partner, Symphony AzimaAI, that uses decades of industry and equipment knowledge. This knowledge and technology help to decrease our customers’ maintenance costs, downtime, and energy usage.


The automated diagnostics offering rounds out i-ALERT’s condition-based monitoring solution which includes the i-ALERT2 sensor, i-ALERT mobile app, i-ALERT gateway, and i-ALERT Ai Platform.

  • Detects a machine fault event, determines the fault severity, provides the fault type and recommendations to remedy the fault.
  • Automated vibration diagnostics works with pumps, fans, centrifugal blowers, agitators, mixers, electric motors, and gearboxes.