PlantESP Control Loop Optimization Software

June 14, 2023
Control Staion's process analytics optimization software helps solve difficult control-related challenges that face process manufacturers daily.

PlantESP is a software for increasing plant production throughput and efficiency by leveraging historical data to optimize control loops. It proactively monitors control loop performance across a plant or even multiple sites to help users get to the root causes of common problems. It also provides advanced warning of mechanical, tuning, and interaction issues.


The software communicates with all major historians including the AVEVA PI System, Aspen IP-21, Canary Labs, and others using industry-standard protocols.


Functions include a calculation engine, visualization engine, and system operations. The calculation engine handles KPI target metrics, analysis and setting thresholds, power spectrum, cross-correlation, and corrective action recommendations. A visualization engine provides alerts, trends and gauges, reports, and notes. System operations include historian communication and other application administration.


With a focus on performance-driving metrics, PlantESP helps sort out the large amount of information and focuses on business and technical KPIs that are actionable. These include mechanical, PID tuning issues, PID-driven node interactions, and more—all at a glance in the user interface.


Root-cause analysis is performed by providing users with tools that let them go beyond identifying symptoms for their specific plant-wide operating conditions. The software takes this a step further by providing suggestions for corrective action to point users in the right direction to resolve issues. PlantESP automatically generates management, engineering operations, and maintenance reports that document performance details, and support internal communications.

  • Architecture: Tag requirements, micro-historian, graphical user interface, data connectivity.
  • Alerts: Benchmark alerts and troublemaker alerts.
  • Recommendations: Corrective actions and TuneVue.
  • Forensics: Advanced interaction and root-cause analysis tools to uncover the source of production performance issues.
  • Metrics: Mechanical, tuning, and process.
  • Reporting: Management, operations, and maintenance reporting.


  • Academic
  • Basic Materials
  • Chemicals
  • Power & Utility
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas