Security Guard Robot

Sept. 23, 2020

An autonomous robot tailored for the security guard industry, the PatrolBot extends security workforce operations by automatically verifying that windows and doors are secured, fire extinguishers and defibrillators are properly stored, and floors are free of debris and potential hazards. The robot also can investigate alarms and areas not supported by surveillance cameras.


The Badger PatrolBot autonomous robot empowers security guard management companies and their customers to prioritize personnel deployment while automating manual security checks. This is especially relevant now that security guard companies are being called upon to support COVID-19 security requirements, including enforcing social distancing, taking temperatures, and performing worker welfare checks.


Equipped with streaming video cameras, the PatrolBot autonomous robot lets command-center staff view the robot’s exact location as well as access a live video feed. In addition, fixed-position cameras are programmed to take pictures of doors, windows, fire extinguishers, and any blockages during the robot’s patrol tour. If needed, a robot can automatically modify its routes to avoid obstacles while performing inspection duties safely around people. Actionable data and analytics offer vital insights for improving service delivery while lowering costs.