R4-30 Rotary Latch Dampens Vibrations

March 24, 2023
Southco's latest R4 rotary latch is offered in a push-to-close design with an anti-vibration bumper and a cable mounting bracket.

The heavy-duty R4-30 Rotary Latch dampens noise from vibration and simplifies cable mounting for applications requiring remote latching. With an integrated bumper, the latch eliminates unwanted noise and vibration for applications in motion. The R4-30 with Cable Mounting Bracket is available for bottom lever solutions and enables cables to be easily configured and incorporated into the rotary system, without needing to buy and install a separate cable bracket.


The R4-30 is available with high-strength steel and corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction and features either single-stage or two-stage engagement to support safety by eliminating false latching conditions in heavy-duty equipment applications. It provides push-to-close convenience, offering concealed latching at one or more points of the application.