PACSystems RXi HMI

Dec. 9, 2022
Emerson's PACSystems RXi HMI features easy-to-use, smartphone-like graphical displays without sacrificing industrial performance.

A next-generation machine visualization solution designed to help set their systems apart for customers, the PACSystems RXi HMI helps users overcome the limitation of lower budgets, fewer people, and higher productivity demands. It delivers visualization, intuitive graphics, smartphone-like usability, collaboration from anywhere, and industrial ruggedness.


Unlike traditional resistive displays, PACSystems RXi HMI is designed with projective capacitive touchscreen technology that allows users to interact with the visual display with 10-point multitouch capabilities like swipe, pinch or zoom to move to the next screen or expand a chart, enabling easy operation by a wide range of personnel with varying levels of training and experience.


The HMI comes pre-loaded and pre-licensed with the advanced Movicon WebHMI software, so the device is conveniently ready to operate out of the box. It is HTML5-ready which allows users to collaborate from anywhere. This immediate sharing of information and access to expertise reduces maintenance costs and improves productivity.


In addition, customers will value faster access to data-based operational insights to maximize overall equipment effectiveness. The PACSystems RXi HMI, with Movicon WebHMI at its core, is IIoT-ready for data analysis, troubleshooting, and diagnostics, placing the operational insights customers need at their fingertips. A data trending tool provides a clear snapshot of productivity and quality. The SQLite database tool and PAC analyzer help users troubleshoot problems and minimize downtime. In addition, it provides extensive protocol support with OPC UA for better data contextualization and MQTT for easy cloud connectivity, so the solution goes far beyond visualization.