Storage for Bulky Tools

Aug. 22, 2020


The 32-in. Three-Drawer Roll Cart comes with ample room to house tools of all sizes while easily moving them throughout the shop or hangar. The cart comes with 2 and 4-in. deep drawers, and a third, extra-deep 6-in. drawer that’s ideal for power tools, diagnostics, and other bulkier tools. Flip the lid open on top of the box to find a 7-in. deep compartment with vertical pry bar storage.


Features and benefits of the 32" Three-Drawer Roll Cart include:


  • Fully welded, double-wall construction that will not weaken over time like bolt-together carts
  • Durable stainless steel bottom storage tray holds heavy, bulky items
  • 16-in. clearance between bottom storage tray and drawers for large items like tote bags and personal items
  • 5 x 2 in. vibration-resistant casters ensure a smooth cart movement
  • Pry bar and screwdriver shanks held securely in-place between walls to prevent dislodging of tools
  • Load capacity of 1,200 lb.
  • Available in 20 colors to match any workspace or user personality


The 32-in. Three-Drawer Roll Cart comes with optional accessories, including:

  • Optional power (part number KAPS5) and charging unit (part number KAPS5BRKT) located in top compartment
  • Folding side shelf (part number KRA412GPBO)
  • Slotted side panel for tool racks, parts bins, shelves or power tool holders (part number KA1734PBO)
  • Replacing the 4" drawer with two 2" drawers (part number 326AJL81PBO)
  • Rubber work surface with raised edges (part number JKRR33W55A)