Large Format Thermal Printer

Sept. 1, 2020
SATO America's thermal printer makes it possible for print widths up to 10.5-in. and print speeds of up to 6 ips without having to rotate the image.

Saving operators time and improving work efficiency, the SG-112-ex wide format label printer uses thermal transfer and direct thermal printing in continuous or tear-off operation for a wide range of applications. Replacing the M10e wide format label printer, the SG112-ex brings a complement of real-time efficiency benefits to production workflows. The printer has applications in stock management, multi-part shipping labels, and GHS labeling for chemicals.


By combining more copious amounts of information on a wide format label instead of multiple smaller labels, businesses can make significant gains in costs, time, and workforce, contributing to enhanced productivity.
In addition, labels are visible from a greater distance, making information quicker and simpler to communicate.


With a print resolution of 305 dpi, the printer can print a variety of linear barcode formats quickly and reliably. Additionally, the SG112-ex enables high-quality print of 2D intelligent coding formats such as QR and MaxiCode and composite symbol data.


Whether one single label or multiple smaller labels printed at the same time, the SG112-ex makes it possible for print widths up to 10.5-in. and print speeds of up to 6 ips without having to rotate the image. Precision printing isn’t compromised as the SG112-ex is equipped with a 305 dpi thermal print head. Multiple standard interface options and multi-language LCD display provide ease of use among different installations and users.

  • 10.5-in. print width for high-resolution large format printing
  • Fast and consistent throughput; print speeds up to 6 in/second
  • Increase productivity with multiple labels printed simultaneously
  • Automatic label loading
  • Intuitive multi-language display
  • Flexible connectivity with multiple standard interfaces
  • Durable and robust design