CAMI Case Pro Plus Inkjet Printer

May 31, 2022
Automated Marking's CAMI Case Pro Plus is a mess free and efficient solution for outer case coding in a small footprint.

The CAMI Case Pro Plus inkjet printer for outer case coding applications has the unique ability to run UV Curable inks; UV inks open the door to non-porous, coated corrugate substrates, chipboard, lumber, overwrap, etc. Users can also print high resolution barcodes, graphics, and text onto the usual porous corrugate.


Allowing users to monitor message creation, access to your database, ink level and status, start/stop of printing, and more, this printer includes a cloud integration feature that can be used via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The printer also allows for ERP connectivity.


The CAMI CASE PRO PLUS is a combination of the original CAMI CASE PRO with the addition of an advanced printer controller. Available in two printhead sizes, 18 mm and 72 mm, the printer also comes with a large touchscreen controller, purge ink return, and anti-shock engine protection.

  • High-resolution inkjet printers
  • Two printhead size options – up to 18 mm or up to 72 mm
  • 7 in. (17.8 cm) touchscreen
  • Full connectivity for database printing
  • Remote printer management with PC and smart phones
  • Dynamic and static message combination
  • Scan, convert, print capabilities
  • Cartridge and bulk ink options
  • 100% mess free
  • Standalone unit, no shop air required
  • Small footprint
  • Change ink without stopping production