Tailored Solutions for Design and Construction

July 24, 2020

Global BIM and EAM consulting firm Microdesk, a leading provider of business and technology services for the design and construction industry, has expanded its comprehensive BIMrx® portfolio with the release of BIMrx Fabrication and BIMrx MEP as well as updates to BIMrx Core. Each of these custom-tailored solutions allow Architects, Engineers and Contractors to streamline workflows and maximize efficiency within Autodesk Revit.


BIMrx Fabrication was built by construction professionals to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of everyday fabrication workflows. Regular tasks like tagging, spooling and hangers are automated, and designers have access to database properties of these parts for simplified reporting and estimating through Microsoft Excel. BIMrx Fabrication brings true automated fabrication capabilities to Autodesk Revit.


BIMrx MEP adds important tools to Revit for system management by providing engineers and designers the ability to edit objects in a single interface. Users will be able to utilize BIMrx MEP to undergo clash detection within 3D models that display accurate spatial layouts and engineering data. Designers can also manage segments and parameters within families through formulas in Microsoft Excel.


Additionally, Microdesk released the latest version of BIMrx Cloud Manager, formerly Bulk Loader, an application that allows AECO firms to easily and quickly add and manage projects, users and data in Autodesk BIM 360. BIMrx Cloud Manager is essential for full network synchronization between local storage and BIM 360. The application also includes bulk upload, project creation and browsing capabilities, as well as the ability to export enterprise and project data to excel for advanced reporting and analysis. BIMrx Cloud Manager is the ideal tool for firms managing projects in BIM 360.