Chemical-Free Labels

June 12, 2020
Virtual Graphics' RevealPrint labels can be printed in color on-demand without ink, ribbons or chemicals.

RevealPrint labels are free of chemicals and safe around food, not to mention human health-friendly and easily recycled.


Traditional direct thermal labels are produced using leuco dye and a developer (color former)—often BPA/BPS. In 2001, Japan and Europe banned BPA because of its potential negative impact on human health. The negative effects of BPA on hormones, metabolism, and other bodily systems has caused many companies to remove BPA from their products—not only receipts but plastic items as well.


RevealPrint labels are completely customizable; users are able to print color on-demand without ink, ribbons or chemicals. The outcome is a chemical-free solution that allows for different variations of a label while using the same roll.  RevealPrint labels can be used in warehouse/distribution, food manufacturing or any industry that would benefit from a color on-demand label application.

  • Up to 8 colors per label
  • BPA, BPS, and Leuco Dye-free
  • Requires no ink or ribbons
  • Better scuff resistance 
  • Fade-resistant
  • Made with U.S.-sourced materials